10 Tips on How to Create Big Digital Assets

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The need for digital assets

There are three specific trends which are driving the digital asset market: Growth of high value services With the tremendous growth of Internet of Things (IoT), we’re seeing more and more devices come online. As they become connected to the network, we are enabling a digital layer which provides a digital value exchange. Wired carbon credits for the IoT Imagine if every new IoT device could generate carbon credits and be connected to the exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. The more IoT devices that exist, the more carbon credits can be generated to create a universal ecosystem for tracking carbon emissions. Public and private key sharing The public key mechanism is the core mechanism that has enabled cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to thrive.

Understanding Digital Assets

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The Different Types of Digital Assets

1. Cryptocurrency: To provide an investment vehicle for retail investors, digital currencies must be traded on an accredited and transparent exchange.

2. Security tokens: To provide investors with an uncorrelated asset class for a stable and secure long term investment…

3. Decentralized Assets: To be used as a medium of exchange, a medium of savings, or as a store of value for some corporate or institutional use…

4. Smart contracts: To act as transaction mediators, or smart contracts, that are self executing and self validating.

5. DApps: To provide automated solutions or services built on the Ethereum platform and the ERC-20 token standard…

6. Cryptocurrency exchange: To purchase, sell and/or transfer crypto currencies… 7. etc.

How to Store and Manage Your Digital Assets

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While the White Paper and ICO info surrounding BITRAMP.IO is quite scarce, as the ICO will commence in 1-2 months, it does present a service that creates and manages digital assets on a public blockchain for the trading of those assets. We anticipate that this should be a market that is a lot more expansive in its potential then just just BCH. Author: Jeff Laube, CTO of BIGG Digital Assets Inc. Questions? Comments?