Bitcoin Icons: How to Find the Best Bitcoin Icon for Your Website

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that works like any other currency. It allows users to send money online in the form of a unique string of numbers and letters. Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets that are connected to a user’s computer.

Bitcoin transactions can be completed anonymously using an anonymous currency exchange called a “cryptocurrency exchange.” All Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger called a blockchain. Every transaction is displayed publicly, and each transaction is time-stamped. How is Bitcoin Used?

Bitcoins are used to purchase goods and services through Bitcoin-enabled marketplaces, which function much like Amazon and eBay. Bitcoins are traded and exchanged through specialized websites like MtGox and Coinbase.

Why Do I Need an Icon?

If you haven’t yet decided whether you want to accept bitcoin, let’s consider an example. Say you’re a multinational apparel company, such as Gap Inc. Or an online fashion retailer, such as Amazon. If you’re shopping on Amazon, you may know the price of bitcoin can fluctuate dramatically.

Or you’re looking at a Gap store or a pair of Gap jeans on Amazon. And let’s say you’re looking at a screen showing the price of bitcoin right now. Is it in your interest to know where a bitcoin is in exchange at any given time? If you’re not actively promoting the digital currency, you don’t have to.

But if you want to appear to be a supporter, or a customer of bitcoin, or if you want to boost your appeal among your users, or increase your market share, you want to find the best icon you can find.

What You Need to Know to Choose a Bitcoin Icon

Most people who look at the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin ABC, will probably notice a new symbol: the logo for Bitcoin Core — the network’s one true blockchain that uses the bitcoin protocol as a reference — on the side of the market’s logo.

Now, with a distributed consensus system, there are more than 6 million active nodes (the name of which you can think of as devices running the Bitcoin protocol) around the world, and thus it’s easier to run your own node than ever before.

This makes it possible for one person to run a node with only a phone or a computer. And when you install the Bitcoin Core app on your Android or iOS device, you can link your bank account to it and receive your bitcoin instantly without an account.

The logo is the front-facing icon or symbol that brands your business and keeps people on your site and attention. Chooseing a bitcoin logo is a bit tricky because of the negative connotations associated with the word ‘bitcoin’.

Bitcoin logo creators: How to Choose the Right Bitcoin Logo for Your Brand The company accepts both Bitcoin and non-Bitcoin payment options and handles all of the business’s cryptocurrency needs.

Bitcoin Website & Developer Tools Bitcore A full featured open source Bitcoin core client. Their project also includes a whole range of enterprise grade services for building and deploying Bitcoin services. Bitcore introduces several new features in version 0.11, including (but not limited to) support for Lightning Network, on-chain encryption and multi-sig wallets.


You have two icons for bitcoin, one bitcoin logo, a bitcoin exchange logo, and bitcoin buttons. The only difference between the five options is which circle the two images are in. See the similar icons to see the difference.

Conclusion 2: Which bitcoin icon should be used in a bitcoin logo? Your choice may depend on the purpose of the bitcoin logo. Is it to refer to a bitcoin product (,,, Bifubtc, GDAX), to refer to bitcoin or bitcoin as a technology (Kyber Network, Lightning, HiveDex, etc.), to refer to bitcoin as a currency (Unocoin, Bancor, Kraken), to refer to bitcoin as a technology (, or to refer to bitcoin as a culture (EdibleBitcoin, Satoshi Wallet). As you can see, there’s a bit of flexibility here.