Connecting Metalmark to the Main Ethereum Network: How To

However, MetaMask can connect to any Ethereum-compatible network. Metamask is not able to connect to Main Ethereum Network, not able to login. Loading, infinite spinner. We call these networks custom networks because they are usually …

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a block explorer that displays the available information on Ethereum nodes, it is an extremely simple client that displays a minimal interface, so that the user can focus on connecting to the network. How to connect MetaMask to the main Ethereum network: What’s the difference from Metamask? After installing MetaMask, you can launch your MetaMask interface and connect it to the Main Ethereum Network through RPC.

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Please, do not forget to type Metalmark before connecting to Ethereum network, otherwise you will be randomly redirected to the Metalmark Interface. You can connect to Metalmark with Bitcoin Mined already has tested the Metalmark RPC, please click here for more information.

How does MetaMask work?

The application that powers MetaMask, is based on IPFS (in this case,, and it is already integrated into the Dark Wallet application ( IPFS is an underlying network for peer-to-peer file storage and data transfer. Like IPFS, MetaMask also provides integration into other applications.

For instance, our dash of content management system, ( Metalmark Dark Wallet is more than just a cryptocurrency wallet. It is a full-featured digital currency wallet. From now on, you will notice a small icon on the top of the wallet called “salt”.

Connecting to Main Ethereum Network

You need to have MetaMask and Geth installed. From MetaMask, load the blockchain data. On you can browse for Geth. (You can check it is already installed for MetaMask on my web server at Ethinstall is needed because MetaMask is not using ethcli properly and you may get disconnections in some cases).

On ethinstall you will find an example config for Geth that will work for all network types. Upload this configuration to your machine, go to Metalmark -> Configure -> Generate local config. You can use Ethereum-cli to generate it for you. Upload this config to your computer to your main network, so you can then log in to it. You need to have Metalmark and Geth installed. From Metalmark, load the blockchain data. On you can browse for Geth.

How to connect MetaMask to the Main Ethereum Network

We have discovered that the internal error is triggered when MetaMask attempts to connect to the Main Ethereum Network. By default, MetaMask does not make attempts to connect to this network. If you open up the Ethereum Wallet Console and type MetaMask there is the option for logging in to the Ethereum network and this might provide an error message as well.

If you are still able to connect to the Ethereum network through Metalmark, the error message looks like this: JOE: ‘Metalmark’ cannot connect to the [main Ethereum Network]. Metalmark: A connection to the [main Ethereum network] could not be established. ‘Metalmark’ cannot connect to the [main Ethereum network]. JOE: ‘Metalmark’ cannot connect to the [main Ethereum network].


Metalmark and Ethereum is not directly linked or required for the usage of the smart contracts. In addition to that, there are several other benefits in using the smart contracts instead of Metalmark. To summarize, there are a few benefits of using the smart contract vs. Metalmark for learning Ethereum.

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