What is a crypto fascist ?

But the amount of people who ask “Was Thanos justified?” or “Was Thanos really evil?” or “Was Thanos’ plan a good way to solve our problems?” scares the shit out of me on a daily basis.

Thanos – for those of you who don’t know – is a character from the Marvel universe who (basically) wanted to slaughter half the population of the universe because he thought it would make the universe a better place.

He was literally going to commit genocide on a hitherto unseen scale because he felt it was a way to solve a population problem.

And that’s fine, because that’s fiction. Killing countless fictional people is entirely acceptable, because they are fictional.

But there are people on Quora who seem to think that this is acceptable behaviour FOR OUR WORLD. Who think that we could solve OUR POPULATION PROBLEM by slaughtering 3.5 billion people.

And I know you will think “They are just asking hypothetically” or “They are just musing on the idea” or “They are just joking” but the fact it even crosses their mind at all IS FUCKING TERRIFYING.

Because anyone who can just idly contemplate the thought that genocide on a scale that has never been seen on our a planet EVER IN HISTORY and think “That might work – should I ask if it’s a good idea?” and not reject it out of hand as being fucked up beyond belief…..

To me, that kind of strikes me as something I would put firmly in the bowl marked “ crypto fascist

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