EOS Vs. Ethereum: The Battle of Blockchain Is On

EOS has a currency circulating supply of 938 million tokens, and a total supply of over 1 billion, 24 million EOS coins. Ethereum has a larger market capitalization both due to a lower total supply and higher price per coin.


What is a Blockchain?

The term “blockchain” was introduced into the finance industry in 2008 by Chris Stewart, vice president of Nasdaq Ventures. He was co-author of a paper in which he discussed the possibility of using blockchain technology to validate transaction records without an intermediary. The concept of blockchain technology is that all transactions made are added to a public database known as a distributed ledger.

Each block contains a history of transactions, including timestamps, and is linked to the previous block. The term “blockchain” is used in lieu of the words “distributed ledger,” as a less technical term that still explains the concept. A general ledger is a record of all cash flows at a business, such as a bank.

What is the difference between Ethereum and EOS?

If the Ethereum blockchain or The DAO was a person, I would call it timid. All that stuff has happened and it’s still running. There are a lot of good things about that, but also some things that are a little scary. It’s a little sad that Ethereum hasn’t really turned into a world changing technology yet. You have EOS, on the other hand, which is very aggressive and making bold moves.

Why are you planning on launching EOS in China? EOS.IO is going to be the platform of choice for all kinds of dApps in China. We will be holding China’s first EOS Token launch on China’s popular platforms QQ and WeChat. We will be launching the EOS project in a low-key manner for the public and end users in China, with the top investors, enthusiasts and regulators involved.

Which one has better potential?

I believe EOS is in the best position to take on Ethereum, and its technology will become widespread. The primary difference between the two is the number of tokens that can be issued at any time. Ethereum had limitations, and that will allow EOS to scale better with less spending of a limited supply of tokens. The selling of ETH did much to bring up the price of ETH to $1,080 per coin.

This has been reflected in the EOS supply chart below. While ETH is still well over a $100 lower than it was a few months ago, EOS’s relative demand and $300 billion market cap is a huge positive. Why do I believe EOS has a better chance? EOS was the first ICO that I ever bought into, at $8. This was after the ICO event.


EOS is showing a strong financial performance, while Ethereum has seen a steady increase in cryptocurrency prices since the launch of the DAO and the creation of Ethereum Classic. I believe it is a good time to explore EOS as an investment opportunity for the investor with the least amount of cash to invest. It is much easier to understand Ethereum due to the multiple resources from the Ethereum Foundation such as the white paper, writing guides, technical documentation, Q&A website, and developers. It’s a more complex product and there’s a huge variety of guides for doing everything from learning Ethereum basics to more advanced topics such as sidechains, Dapp development, as well as an ICO guide which is a really great resource.