What is XOS Crypto?

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What is Oasis (XOS)?

The Oasis Platform, developed by Block.one, utilizes smart contracts (e.g. ERC20) and blockchain technology to power a multi-purpose digital asset exchange, an asset manager, a crowdfunding platform, a prediction market, and an asset manager.

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Oasis maintains a decentralized, open blockchain for the exchange of commodities, an open platform for digital asset management, a crowdfunding platform, a prediction market, and an asset manager. Oasis is an open ecosystem of more than 1000 developers from over 30 different countries from different continents.

For more information, visit the following websites: What are current or planned ICO’s using OASIS? Oasis previously held an ICO for one of the projects called Oasis Asset Management. Their project went live on Dec.

How do you use XOS?

Use the Oasis client to open a main trading dashboard, configure your trading bot and then execute your orders to send to a standard bank account, via stablecoin (most exchanges have Coinbase compatibility) or cryptocurrency exchange (i.e. Kraken) Earn weekly Oasis Coins for participating in our Oasis Bot Development program, and more.

Why is Oasis (XOS) different?

Oasis (XOS) is different from many other projects as it has a vision of becoming a decentralized exchange ecosystem. The project is constantly evolving and growing and could start trading on other blockchains.

This is a solid foundation to take this project forward as a DAPP platform. We like that Oasis has the potential to become a fully functional decentralized exchange of multiple blockchains. (see article: Scaling Ethereum Wallet With Oasis) It’s a consensus among the community that Oasis has a good chance of doing that and that’s why we are investing here.

Who can use XOS?

There are a few variations on “XOS” on crypto forums. On its website the developers refer to the coin as XOS, on Twitter it is referred to as XOS, while elsewhere its colloquially known as XAS, XAI, or simply as Crypto.

Unlike many other digital currencies, XOS is a standard cryptocurrency without any specific tie to “banking”, “bankcoin”, “bitcoins”, or “cryptocurrency” in general. XOS is not intended to be used in any way other than for storing value.

It is not intended to be traded for fiat currency, other cryptocurrencies or any other type of currencies. What Are The Key Features of XOS?


Vlad Zamfir has started work on his proposed Ethereum scaling solution, which would separate the network’s ability to process transactions and the code that implements those transactions. He has created Oasis, a platform that lets developers build applications on top of Ethereum, so it can compete with others in the peer-to-peer computer applications business.

The main idea is that they can have privacy while offering better performance. He has set up a team of developers to help move this forward. The future of Ethereum lies in an open-source approach. It is the approach that is taking shape with Oasis, which uses code from Ethereum. The idea is that we can have an Ethereum system where we don’t have to worry about miners and nodes. It would be more like a Linux distribution.